Have you ever woke in the morning late for work, maybe the alarm clock didn’t go off or you simply overslept? As you ran out the door to catch the train or scramble to try and get ahead of the traffic, you grab a coffee and out you go. Maybe your days are so filled that you skip lunch to give you more time to cross all those to-do items off your list. We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but be it breakfast, lunch or any other meal, we know the effect it can have on us if we miss one. Sure, you may be able to function in the short term, but in the long run, we become sluggish and begin to lack focus and concentration. Decision making becomes difficult and clouded and may cause us to become violent and aggressive. Whether we are working in the office or the yard, the longer we go without food, the harder nearly every task becomes. Simple tasks are exhausting and we soon realize that we can’t function properly without it. Yet there are even times where we intentionally starve ourselves to try to correct bad eating habits which yield the same results and sometimes cause us to look upon ourselves with shame.  More >

The Tuesday headlines read, “Boston Marathon Bombings Rock Runners and Spectators.” The news throughout the day gave instant updates minute by minute to inform us of the latest developments. Images, videos and stories flooded Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages as newscasters, photographers and spectators became the world’s eyes and ears. One video recorded a man just yards away from the finish line who felt a blast so strong that his legs buckled and he tumbled to the ground. Another image showed a woman so startled that she seemed to be in shock. In yet another video a frightened woman, with her eyes closed and her hands clenched, prayed feverishly from her knees.

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