As a father drives his son to the airport, he is deep in thought he thinks of what his son could have become, all the possibilities and options. A lawyer, doctor, the opportunities he had that were passed over. His son riding in the passenger seat in thought as well. There is a sense of adventure in his demeanor a look of excitement on his face about his journey ahead. Memories of where he has been go through his mind, a childlike grin on his face, he thinks of where he is at that very moment and the possibilities of what can be in where he is going. He enthusiastically invites his father to join him, “come with me dad join me.” As if the son already knows of the fulfillment of his journey. His father glances over at him and asks “when are you going to settle down?” There is a tone of disappointment of his son’s life choices. The father ponders his son’s frivolity of life, and wonders if he’ll ever get it, seeing his son as lost. The son’s expression changes and he realizes the magnitude of his father’s disappointment in him. The son realizes his father refuses to see him for him, the person he really is, nor to understand his choices. The father wrapped up in his own world and career blinded by his own life that he has chosen that he has failed to see his son, understand him, learn more about him to fully comprehend his son now a man experiencing life. The son reminds his father, that life is short, that it is not chosen, but lived and more importantly experienced. As they depart, the father returns to his normal daily routine and his son goes on to his journey, continuing his pilgrimage. The father with some certainty probably wonders why his son has chosen to seemingly abandon the “real world”, one of comforts for all the efforts one can put into for a career, one of financial stability settling down to have a family and be an “adult”. The son also with certainty wonders why his father refuses to live life, and only chooses to survive it. The father, seeing life as a sponge and how much he could soak up from it, the son seeing it as a sponge and how much he could wring out of it. This scene taken from the movie “The Way,” a powerful movie about a father whose misunderstanding of his son’s life choices comes to realize what his son had been trying to share with him about the journey his son called “Life.” A father whose own pilgrimage begins with an almost vendetta like intention combined with a homage ends in deliverance. He comes to understand the truth and its’ fulfillment seeing that it is never too late.

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There used to be a commercial on television a while back for a ketchup brand. The camera would focus on the top of the bottle as it was tipping to pour out, the song would come on, “anticipation keeps making me wait” and it would slowly pour out. It seemed like it would never come out in the commercial as well as in real life too! These days it seems we are all waiting on or for something. When gas prices skyrocketed we waited in line for gas. At the grocery store it seems we are always waiting there. Some would say they are waiting to strike it rich, some are waiting on a sign. It seems that everything in life requires us to wait.  More >