Board of Directors

The purpose of the GHM Board of Directors is to oversee the operations of the organization. It is established to develop new ideas and suggestions along with strategies that will enable the Ministry to advance. Advancing is not necessarily in growth financially or in organizational structure. It may be one or a combination of areas established by the Board but in keeping with the overall vision of the founders, both Michael and Craig Mazzucca.

The operations of the organization consist of but are not limited to the following:

  • Fundraising
  • Establish Goals & Budgets
  • Accountability, both General  & Fiduciary
  • Spiritual

Fundraising may include events and event planning on a social or corporate level. Speaking engagements and donor and sponsorship planning, recruiting strategies, grant writing etc.

Establishing Goals and Budgets may include input to the budget, ministry markets, financial strategy planning, strategy coordination on demographics, people groups and international planning.

Accountability and Fiduciary roles may include having GHM accredited with ECFA donor and sponsorship accountability, goal achievement, short and long term goals.

Spiritual will involve both Board, organizational and external spiritual growth through various programs, be it Bible studies, advanced education, group development, pastoral assistance etc.

The aforementioned is established as guidelines and can be revised as needed. However at no point can the Board establish policy, goals or any such that would contradict the vision of the founders.

Board Members

Craig Mazzucca

Michael Mazzucca